Home delivery and collection for your TESLA

With Prima Hi Rent, we have elevated the electric car rental experience in Milan to a new standard of luxury and convenience.
Now you can enjoy the maximum comfort of TESLA without lifting a finger from your home.

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Delivery wherever you are

No matter where you are, with our home delivery car rental service, your Tesla will be delivered directly to you.
Whether you are at home, in the office or in a hotel.

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Sanitized and impeccable car

Your Tesla will be delivered to you in impeccable condition.
Before your rental, each vehicle undergoes a rigorous internal and external sanitization and cleaning procedure.
You can come on board knowing that your safety and comfort are our top priority

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We take care of everything

At the end of your rental, don't worry about having to return the car. We take care of the pickup,
so you can relax and enjoy the last moments of your trip without any extra effort.


Torque : 630 Nm


Acceleration(0-100 km/h)


Range (WLTP)

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A unique experience, for an electric car rental full of sensations.

The Tesla Model 3 represents the pinnacle of automotive innovation. With an elegant design and clean lines, this car combines style and functionality in an extraordinary way. Equipped with a cutting-edge electric motor, Model 3 offers unparalleled eco-driving, ensuring a silent driving experience without harmful emissions.

Tesla Model 3, an intelligent chassis.

The Model 3 boasts a lightweight and durable frame that provides a comfortable ride. With balanced suspension and a low center of gravity, it offers superior stability and handling. Advanced soundproofing and a spacious interior further contribute to driving comfort..

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noleggio auto milano

Amazing drive with the Tesla Model Y

Guidare una Tesla Model Y a noleggio con Prima Hi-Rent è abbracciare l'avanguardia dell'automotive. Con un design elegante e tecnologia all'avanguardia, sentirai la potenza silenziosa e l'accelerazione di questa auto senza sforzo. La guida autonoma avanzata e il rispetto per l'ambiente rendono questa esperienza unica. Scegli una Tesla Model Y e inizia un viaggio di innovazione e sostenibilità.

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With Prima Hi-Rent you have maximum convenience, we deliver to your home, enter the date and time of collection and delivery of your rental TESLA.
The km are unlimited



Our Testimonial
What customers say

Let's find out what makes Hi Rent the ideal choice for a car rental in Milan.
The electric TESLA in the name of sustainability and innovation.

Unlimited mileage car rental with Hi Rent is a real advantage.

This option allows you to fully enjoy a Model 3 or Y, without worrying about mileage limits. If you were looking for a car rental in Milan Prima Hi rent is the choice for you.

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Advanced Sustainability:

By renting a Tesla Model Y or Model 3 from Hi Rent in Milan with unlimited mileage, you actively contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions by experiencing driving a completely electric and environmentally friendly car.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Primahi-rent Milano's Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are equipped with the latest generation technologies, offering an intuitive and advanced driving experience. Thanks to the rental with unlimited km, you will be able to take full advantage of all the innovative features of these car

Limitless Exploration:

With the unlimited mileage offered by Hi-Rent on their cars, you have the freedom to explore Milan and its surroundings without worrying about restrictions on the number of kilometers travelled.
Enjoy every moment of your trip without geographical limits.

Savings and Flexibility:

By choosing electric car rental in Milan with Prima Hi Rent, you not only contribute to the environment with a sustainable transport option, but you also save considerably on the price of parking and the Eco Pass for Milan.